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- The Bazaar -

Our Bazaar for AnthroExpo 2024 features an exciting multi-vendor setup that includes both Dealers' Den and Artist Alley vendors in the same room at our brand-new venue, the Embassy Suites in Norman, OK. You'll be able to find Dealers' Den vendors against the wall, while Artist Alley vendors are located in the center of the room!

Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is a space dedicated to vendors who sell unique merchandise and commissions that are taken at the convention. For our 2024 convention, our Artist Alley vendors will be able to vend from a 4’x30” table space in the center of the Bazaar.

Dealers' Den

AnthroExpo’s Dealers Den tables are designed for businesses who sell large amount of bulk merchandise such as t-shirts and other apparel, fursuits and fursuit parts, pins, stickers, plushies, and more.  Our vendors in the Dealers Den are given larger spaces and have the option of purchasing multiple tables, and they are also given wall tables only this year with 6’x18” tables.

Bazaar Map (NEW).png
Bazaar Map 2 (NEW).png

Night Market (18+)

The Night Market (Friday and Saturday ONLY!) is a unique market specified for artists, creators, or vendors who primarily sell 18+/NSFW merchandise.  This merchandise can range from artwork to toys to accessories!   We have our 6’x18” tables available for our Night Market vendors offering bulk, larger items, or we have a special mini-market table option for those who are selling commissions or other small merchandise at a 3’x18” space. 

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Vendor Relations Director: 
Dealers Den Manager: 

Artist Alley Manager:

All prices listed are base prices and are subject to change before the opening of our vendor applications. Last updated: 8/27/23. 

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