Mission Statement and Goals


"OWO, What’s this?"

Today, more people than ever identify with our Fandom, and the definitions of a fandom that many have guarded lovingly for decades are being challenged and accepted on new levels each and every day. Change is not coming- change is happening in the Furry community.


What is Our Way?


Our Way is a socially constructive goal to make change happen for the better, with high regard for respect, transparency, and the common welfare. It’s our mission to always endorse the good that members of this rapidly growing community have to offer. OWO is not just a company that operates a convention, and none of us work for a profit. Our team strives to innovate, educate, and inspire the furry fandom and beyond with positive leadership. We wouldn’t do it any other way.


Why Oklahoma?


Oklahoma is at the heart of the nation. Furthermore, this is our home and we’d like to give back to it as much as it’s given to us.

Our state boasts a rich culture and a pioneering spirit that has made many of our company founders and staff into the outstanding people they are today. “It’s an Oklahoma thing,” a standard of courtesy and respect that makes us stronger together. There’s a vibrant local furry community here that we want to give a home to through meets, conventions, and charity work. Recreationally, Oklahoma City has experienced much growth and expansion over the last decade, and it’s about time we followed in (fur)suit.