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Covid & Infectious Illness Policy 

AnthroExpo 2024 

Last updated: July 5, 2023

Scissortail Fandoms Inc, the non-profit organization behind AnthroExpo, understands and remains vigilant to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19 and other seasonal infectious illnesses. 

Our organization will stay committed to adhering to local guidelines, health information, or increasing surges of infectious illness or COVID and may amend or change this policy with the latest information that becomes available.

The national emergency for COVID-19 was allowed to expire in May of 2023 due to decreasing number of infections, availability of vaccines, and inoculation of the public. We still live in a world where COVID is still prevalent in our lives, so care must still be exercised to ensure your safety from this and other infectious illnesses, especially in convention areas. 

As such, AnthroExpo 2024 will take a revised approach to our previous year’s policies regarding COVID-19 in the following manner: 

  1. Vaccination proof will NOT be required, however, vaccination of infectious illnesses like COVID or the flu are vitally important to the health and well-being of yourself and those around you. 

  2. Masking is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for individuals who are immunocompromised or anyone who may be susceptible to infections or air-borne illnesses. 

  3. Masking will not be required in our convention spaces (indoors and out) except for safeguards listed in the next section. 

  4. We will be revising our refund and roll-over policy to encourage individuals who are sick or suspected of exposure to skip the event to keep themselves and others safe. Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID or an infectious illness to keep yourself and others safe.


AnthroExpo 2024 is committed to the safety of our attendees, vendors, and staff. As such, we will put the following safeguards in place: 

  1. Vendors can request attendees wear masks while interacting with their tables. Our convention staff and security will help assist vendors who have issues with attendees not adhering to these requests. 

  2. We will provide masks at our registration area, vendor hall entrance, and entrance to main events free for public use for those who wish to mask. 

  3. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the convention center to help enhance good hand hygiene. Please make sure to wash your hands frequently! 

  4. We encourage social distancing when possible. Our team will do our best to ensure the least amount of crowding as possible in our registration, vendor hall, and main events areas. Please adhere to directions on signage or from our convention team if you are asked to enter or leave a room in a specific way. 


We appreciate your compliance through the last few years of this challenging time and look forward to a safe event as we transition back to these guidelines for 2024. 

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