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Aurorabloom (Aurora) has been chosen as AnthroExpo's 2020 Guest of Honor for being a positive figure for the furry fandom, for her contribution with art, and for being an inspiration to many.  With only one year of involvement in the fandom, Aurora has made her mark with her iconic fursuit, and has brought joy to those in her local and distant community through meets, conventions, and videos online.

Aurora has been drawing since she was a child, and always knew she wanted to be an artist. But without a clear idea of how or what she wanted to do, Aurora eventually found her calling within the furry fandom.  Her interest began just simply by finding pictures and websites relating to furries online, and the creativity just seemed to flow from then on. 

Making fursuits stems from her love in art, and even though Aurora did not know what species her fursona would be, she started crafting her suit anyway, confident that she would make a memorable character.  Now, Aurora Bloom can be found on social media all over- including the news. 

In 2019, Aurora will be honorably discharged from her career with the U.S. Navy to work as a fulltime fursuit maker.  She is dedicated to her job in the furry fandom and is excited to bring more and more people’s furry characters to life.  It is our honor to welcome all U.S. Military and first responders to attend AnthroExpo 2020 with a military discount, to thank furries just like Aurora for serving our country and communities.

Aurora is super grateful to have found the furry community and looks forward to meeting new people and seeing some awesome fluffy creatures at AnthroExpo 2020.  We look forward to hosting her at AnthroExpo, and can't wait for you all to join us in giving her a warm welcome!



Q:  What was your favorite subject in school?
Aurora:  Art!  If it wasn’t obvious.

Q:  Favorite kind of music?
Aurora:  I love pop, country, rap, and can really get down with any kind of music.

Q:  Favorite season?
Aurora:  My favorite season is the summer time!

Q:  What do you most look forward to when you visit AnthroExpo and Oklahoma?
Aurora:  I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some awesome fluffy creatures.

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