2019 - 2020

AnthroExpo wouldn't be possible without the volunteered time and support from its Board of Directors.  Each director is involved with multiple aspects of the convention and delegates work appropriately to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the making of our convention.

Bresama Longdog


      Brett (Bresama LongDog) Martin is an Oklahoma native and a member of the Caddo Indian Tribe. He has been active in the community for over 10 years and during this time has helped through volunteering efforts at Oklacon and other regional conventions. With a strong business acumen, Brett brings a wealth of management experience through his work in various fields including IT and Supply Chain.


His dream to form and create AnthroExpo began years ago as a need to bring artists and makers to the front and highlight the experiences they create for the community, and now as it comes together for the first year in 2020, the excitement and honor it brings to the community is truly his shining accomplishment.



      A “Jackal of all trades”, Jax is an artist and idea-brain from Yukon, Oklahoma. One could say she has been furry or otherkin her entire life, although she recently reconnected with the fandom. With the help of her very talented friends and staff, she hopes to help elevate AnthroExpo to be a convention that not only serves the Furry Community, but one that elicits positive change and makes a lasting impact.

 Jax is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and a Minor in Liberal Arts.

Charlemaigne Kaiju


Charlemaigne is a taco-chomping Kaiju who was born and raised in Edmond. She works in accounting for a state-chartered bank and stands as the CFO of OWO, LLC! She enjoys cooking, making music, and playing with her 200 pound dog.

Alexander Paw


      Alexander Paw has been in the fandom for over ten years. He has hosted meets and events in Oklahoma and Colorado. Alexander is one of the original founders of the AnthroExpo idea, along with Bresama. He brings laughter, joy, and motivation to our team and the fandom. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his fiance.



      Currently residing as a Texas Native, Rhory stumbled upon the fandom while trying to follow the artistic trends of her friends. Now, after many years, Rhory is taking a more active role in the community by helping AnthroExpo forge a brand, a reputation, and long-term allegiances that will continue to support their cause for many more years to come!

Open Director Position


Coming Soon.

Fiona Baxter


      Fiona is a photographer from Austin, Texas that has been a furry since 2007, and practicing her craft for much of that time. She joined the fandom as a shy and antisocial boy, and is today a confident and outgoing woman that uses her passion for shooting photos and videos in her business, Vulpine Media. She is very excited to join the Anthro Expo team, to help capture vivid memories that its attendees will be able to appreciate for years to come.

AnthroExpo Team Members

2019 - 2020

Our team members are the brick and mortar that builds us up. More than that, they're part of a family that shares the trials and triumphs of making a convention happen. They are a diverse group of multi-faceted individuals from all origins and walks of life who work and play hard every day.



        Insano is a wolf local to Oklahoma City who has been a part of the fandom for at least 10 years, and an active part of the community for the last 5. He has spent 6 years in the United States Air Force, and is currently living and going to flight school in OKC. He is regarded by all of his friends, and the staff of AnEx, as a very level-headed person. He has experience with small security team management and emergency planning during his time in military service, and is a fantastic addition to our team as the Head of Security.

Kurisu Wolfcat


        Kurisu (Kuri) Wolfcat is a fearless leader and a wonderful role-model to those who call her friend.  Her influence in the community is felt throughout the U.S. through her work with fursuits, art, and other various media forms, she brings confidence and stability to the board.  

Position Open



Coming Soon.



FrostTaker "Frostie" has been a part of the community for 6 years now. She has only recently become active in the community, and is hoping to make lots of new friends! Frostie is an Oklahoman, and is super excited to make this thing happen!



        Scarlet is a fearless mother, Gryffindor, and overall passionate for her friends and loved ones. Moving to Oklahoma from Alabama 6 years ago, she has made movement in the community through assisting with well known anime conventions and event centers. Her kind nature and fierce protection of those closest to her make an enduring personality that brings driving passion to the team.



        Rory (or Haniel, when in fursuit.) has only fairly recently become active in their local furry scene, but has been posting furry art online since 2014, and art in general since 2010. They bring with them an eagerness to work, a passion for art, and a friendly attitude. Rory is excited to see both AnthroExpo, and their own art skills grow over time.



      Corust makes quite a lively and talkative dead dog; residing in Oklahoma City and has been a furry artist since 2012! His favorite past times include drawing big monsters, helping young artists as a teacher, and making tasty treats!



        Neesh has lived in Texas for 21 years and has been a part of the community for 7 years and has met many great people since. Excited to serve AnEx and the community. Likes include: Drawing, movies and making JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure references.

Miss Moon


According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a dragon should be able to fly. I am a quirky artist open to all those who keep open minds and encourage creative approaches. I love animals of all kinds, music, D&D style games, and creative arts. Ive been drawing professionally for 6 years, but digital media has always been a passion of mine, I hope to soon push forward into creating animatics for all those to watch and enjoy.

Our volunteers come from all over, and we couldn't do it without them!

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