artist alley:

Lottery now Open!


Our AA Rules Have Changed. Read Below!

Artist Alley Hours of Operation:

Friday - Saturday: 9am-6pm (TBD)

Sunday: 9am-5pm (TBD)

Table Specifications

  • All AA plots are 4’ x 2.5' (half of a banquet table)

  • Plots include wifi, electricity and access to outlets at no additional cost

  • Tables for each day are assigned on a random lottery-style basis, and therefore are not guaranteed


Price per plot is $30 - Artists will only be charged if selected

How it Works

Our 2022 Artist Alley will be lottery based. This means that plot assignments for all three days will be drawn randomly to avoid bias.  Sign-ups to enter into the AA lottery for each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) will open on October 20th, 2021. Selected artists will be contacted in late December to confirm their AA placement.

Selected artists will only vend for one of the three convention days, unless there are not enough applicants to fill all plots. This is to maximize the diversity of artists who vend in our AA over the convention weekend.

What to Expect

The Artist Alley is a vendor hall that is designated primarily for artists who take custom traditional or digital art commissions, or sell artwork prints. These artists may have additional light merchandise such as pins, stickers, or charms, but the intended purpose of AA is for artists to take commissions and make artwork sales. Items such as fursuits, fursuit parts (hands, feet, tails), costumes, kigurumis, or any other bulky merchandise are not permitted in the Artist Alley, although vendors may display a portfolio of such work at their table.

Tax Stuff

Fortunately, out of state vendors do not need to file for an Oklahoma Tax License to make sales in the AA. AnthroExpo will provide forms necessary to collect tax from vendors who do not have a tax license.  More info detailing our tax collection process will be provided to selected artists at a later date.

Artist Alley Policies:

  • The Artist Alley follows all policies in place by AnthroExpo/OWO LLC that may apply.  Please check our Code of Conduct page for more information.  AnthroExpo reserves the rights to change the policies at any time.  Failure to acknowledge and follow these rules may result in being escorted from the hall, or a ban from vending in the future.  By purchasing a table within our Artist Alley (or purchasing registration), you thereby accept our policies.

  • Our artist alley runs a 3-strike disciplinary system:

    • 1 strike = in-person warning from staff

    • 2 strikes = escorted from the hall for the rest of that day

    • 3 strikes = banned from selling in the Artist Alley for the rest of the convention duration, or longer (to future AnthroExpo events).

  • Absolutely no other individual may be behind/to the side of a table except the vendor.  

  • Vendors or other individuals are not allowed to reserve tables for other vendors.

  • ALL VENDORS are required to take all belongings, merchandise, setup, etc. to and from the hall every day they sell.  Due to the venue’s policies, the hall must be completely cleared out at the end of each day.

  • Staff is not responsible for any damaged or missing items. If any items are missing, please report to Artist Alley staff and/or check con-ops.

  • Please do not leave business cards or other free-to-take items on your table once you exit the hall.  If you would like to leave business cards or other items, there are designated tables in the hall for this.  Staff will clear any table and discard these items if left unattended.

  • Open beverages and excessively large meals are strictly prohibited.  Individually wrapped snacks and water/soda bottles are ideal, but we ask that any food or drink that takes more than a few minutes to consume be taken elsewhere.

    • The venue does provide water coolers and cups throughout the entire space

  • If you have any items that make a loud and/or excessive noise, please try to keep the sound at a minimum volume to keep from disturbing other vendors or attendees.

  • Do not leave any items on other vendor’s tables unless given full consent. 

  • Excessive usage of outlets by any vendor will be asked to remove cords plugged into that outlet.

  • Each vendor is given one unique wifi password provided by the venue.  Any inappropriate usage or sharing of the wifi will be disconnected.

  • Vendors are not permitted to use more than their assigned plot at any time (half of a banquet table). Each plot should be occupied by only one artist at a time.

    • Artists setups are not permitted to expand across the entire table.