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Scissortail Fandoms, Inc & AnthroExpo

Chat and Virtual Space Code of Conduct

Section I - General Code of Conduct


You are limited to 3 warnings.  If you reach 3 warnings in a rolling 12 month period, you will be removed from our chat spaces for a period of 6 months.  We will manually review your record at your request once this time has passed.  If you are removed again, you will be permanently banned from our chat and virtual spaces.

For all inquiries regarding chat and virtual space conduct, you may contact with any questions.

  • AnthroExpo/Scissortail Fandoms, Inc reserves the right to bar any persons from their online spaces, at any time, for any reason. This can be done with the approval of the Director of Safety & Security, or any Board Member.

  • Any threats or implied threats of violence or self-harm will not be tolerated in any capacity.

    • If you are feeling suicidal or depressed - please let someone know. We will attempt to help you find local resources to assist you in recovery or crisis intervention. Please don’t use the general chat as a means of acting out, if you truly have a problem let someone know.

  • Advertisements in general chats are permitted - Follow the guidelines below

    • We define advertisements as any post made to generate interest in a product or service that generates revenue for any company or individual.

    • To be approved for advertisement your post should include a link to a website or social media that can show completed works and preferable a TOS (terms of service) so individuals are informed.

    • You must provide a copy of your advertisement to a moderator which will include the exact wording and links that will be posted to the chat to be checked for authenticity and to ensure no NSFW pieces are advertised in general areas.

    • NSFW content can be advertised in our 18+ chat, however it must be consistent with our rules regarding NSFW content.

    • We ask that you limit advertising to once per week.

    • You MUST receive clearance from a moderator each time you would like to post.  No exceptions.

  • All advertisements for other events and conventions NOT sponsored by AnthroExpo or Scissortail Fandoms, Inc are to be cleared by the Sales & Marketing Director.

  • Spamming in any capacity is not allowed. This includes media, stickers, and messages.

    • Spam limits have been put in place and warnings are applied automatically.

  • Be respectful of your other chat companions.  If someone asks for a change of topic in a reasonable manner please continue that conversation in private.  Do not engage in high-risk topics such as politics and religion which could cause others to feel uncomfortable or spur arguments within the chat.

  • The use of harassing, discriminating, or otherwise excessive use of unpleasant slurs in either written or visual form will not be tolerated.  This includes block evading and impersonation of another character or person.

    • While we are not here to police every person's individual style of language, it's important to conduct yourself in a manner that's fitting in a group setting.

    • If you feel you are being targeted directly from the use of improper language, pictures, or any form of electronic media that promotes these, please contact a member of the moderation team for review.

    • If you believe a moderator is abusing their power and targeting you, please send any relevant messages or screenshots to the Convention Chair and Director of Security.

  • In the General Chat, posting media depicting pornographic or any other “adult” material will not be allowed. This refers to profile pictures or direct links to NSFW content through your bio as well.  If a moderator becomes aware of this, you will be politely asked to remove the picture(s) and/or link(s) from your profile or asked to only be in our Adult 18+ spaces (with verified ID).

  • Posts and comments referring to controlled or illegal substances are highly discouraged.  A moderator may warn immediately depending on the severity of the content or message shared.

  • If you are continuously pressing subject matter, becoming a nuisance to moderators or chat patrons, and continuously dodging the rules through loop-holes or other methods, you will be warned.  We will not tolerate repeated disrespectful behavior in our chat spaces and violation of any rules or pressing us by "walking a fine line" will not be tolerated.

  • By being a member of these social spaces, you assume some risk and liability.  Please use common sense when sharing personal pictures and/or any other identifying information.

  • While we encourage group meets, room parties, and other events, use of the Scissortail Fandoms, Inc name for any events is strictly prohibited unless approved by an officer of Scissortail Fandoms, Inc.

    • Please reach out to a moderator if you have any questions about this rule.


Section II - Adults-Only Social Spaces


  • You must have your ID verified by a member of the Moderator Team before you will be allowed access to any of these areas. You will be required to furnish a picture of yourself holding your ID with a clear enough resolution that your date of birth, ID expiration date, name, and picture are clear. Your ID must be issued by a governing body at a state or federal level (ex. driver’s license, DOD ID, passport, etc.)

    • You may black out other information such as your address and driver’s license/ID number.  

    • If we are unable to verify your identity using this method, then you may meet a moderator in person to be verified.

    • If you do not have an ID, if it’s expired, or if it looks altered in any way you will not be permitted access to the 18+ Telegram chat or NSFW tag in Discord.

  • No extreme fetish or hardcore pictures allowed in the general chat areas.

    • Soft-core pornography and fetish pictures are generally allowed, however, if you aren’t certain, always err on the side of caution and contact a moderator before posting.

  • Illegal media of any type depicting child pornography, zoophilia, bestiality, self-harm, suicide, or scenes of non-consensual rape is strictly prohibited.  

    • There will be no warnings, you will be instantly banned and potentially blacklisted from attending AnthroExpo conventions.  If the picture constitutes a broken law, the moderators are obligated to file a police report with local authorities.

  • Real-life photography and pornography are allowed, however, never post pictures of another person that you do not have explicit permission to post.

  • Solicitation for sex or “cruising” for hookups is strictly prohibited.

  • Please make sure you keep content in voice channels specific to the age group allowed.  If you are in the PG-13 chat room, keep profanity to a minimum and do not engage in any conduct that couldn’t be reviewed by a parent for the sake of the safety of our underage users.


For any further questions, please contact our Online Safety & Security team at
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